Wednesday 1 of February, 2023
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Activist Creates Pyramid Out of One Million Bottles From Nile River

Australian activist Mike Smith fished over a million plastic bottles from the Nile as part of the 100YR CLEANUP project.

Cairo Scene

Out in the desert dunes of Giza stands a new pyramid, made out of one million plastic bottles - all of which were fished out of the Nile river.

Australian environmental activist and entrepreneur Mike Smith created this pyramid with help from Egyptian clean-up initiative VeryNile and Australian wine company The Hidden Sea Wine as part of the '100YR CLEANUP' project.

Spearheaded by Zero Co, which makes personal care and cleaning products without single use plastics, the 100YR CLEANUP is a grand undertaking that aims to remove 1.5 million water bottles from rivers, seas and oceans by the end of 2022, with ambitions to repeat this goal every year for the next century. Plans are already underway to organise a similar clean-up in the Himalayas, as well as in several ocean locations across the globe.

In order to further draw attention to the global waste problem, Smith plans to sleep in a small tent on top of the pyramid for a total of three days during the lead-up to COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh.