Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Aguizi & Fahim Vs. Karim Moursi

We catch up with Student DJ Program finalists Aguizi & Fahim and Karim Moursi ahead of their knock-out round at the decks tomorrow night and let you decide who has the better answers...

Staff Writer

Every week until the big Student DJ Program final, we’ll be brining in the two DJs set to battle, ahead of their gig at Fairmont Nile City rooftop, for a special quick-fire interview of some interesting (but mostly ridiculous) questions. The rest is up to you! Let us know who you think has the best answers then go and cheer on your favourite.

Tomorrow, (Youssef) Aguizi & (Yehia) Fahim go head-to-head with Karim Moursi for the fourth knock-out round in the Student DJ Program contest. They’ll have big boots to fill after DJ Moneim Hafez and German House Duo Robosonic kick the night off with slick beats and heart-pumping melodies, setting the stage for the musical match that is to determine which DJ(s) are to move forward in the competition. We got the budding DJs together to warm up their competitiveness with our quick-fire questions, but before we get on to that, let’s introduce the contenders:

Aguizi & Fahim

Wunderkinds Youssef Aguizi  and Yehia Fahim have their sights set on the domination of Egypt’s DJing seen, and, at the tender age of 18, they’re well on their way. The recent high-school graduates have been friends for years, and both found themselves on the same path of musical discovery, at the same time. “I had no idea what House music really was until I saw David Guetta live in Sharm El Sheikh, in 2007. The  way he connected with the crowd, and how his music influenced them  really got me interested,” Aguizi remembers, adding that he no longer likes Guetta’s sound. He began his research into the deep, dark world of DJing immediately and around the same time, Fahim had started dabbling with basic music production software, introduced to him by his uncle who was also a budding musician. “I started playing around with non-original melodies before I met Aguizi at school. When I found out he produces too, we started working together. We complete each other when it comes to music,” he explains. Having already secured gigs at the likes of Amici, Risas and Club 35, the duo are well on their way to stardom. Aguizi has even released tracks with prestigious labels Tonic B7 Records and Digital Vinyl Records, while, as a duo, they’re about to release another track on Detox Records, later this year. They’re not letting on to whether or not we’ll get to hear their own productions at the Student DJ Program Round Four, but we sure hope so. With some tricks up their sleeves, they promise to put on quite the performance: “You’ll see what we mean at the gig. It’ll be something you’ve never seen before,” Aguizi says with a smile.

Karim Moursi

Experimenting with Virtual DJ in his mid-teens, Karim Moursi quickly found an affinity for spinning, splicing and getting the party started, getting his own set of decks at age 16. “I learned how to mix by watching YouTube tutorials, and began getting experience playing at house parties,” he explains. His friends played a big role in his pursuit of his newfound passion, and he’s been playing for them ever since. “I love music, and it’s been House music from the beginning,” he explains. The recent MSA Management graduate loves to see his audience up on their feet and dancing,  and prides himself on being able to strike the balance between commercial party-starters and his own unique blend of Progressive and Tech mixes. “I love Samba & Fahmy – the way they’re in touch with the crowd and the uplifting sets the put out,” he says of his inspiration, though he explains that his dream collaboration would be with Colombian legend Erick Morillo. “You’re going to dance like crazy when I’m at the decks tomorrow. I promise,” he says rather bravely.

OK, got it? Now let the games begin:

What did your mother say when you told her you wanted to be a DJ?

Aguizi & Fahim: Both our mothers supported us.

Karim: She was angry at first, then supportive when I first got my decks and showed her I was serious.

What was the most important thing you learned at Bootcamp?

Aguizi & Fahim: Scratching.

Karim: Scratching.

Describe your musical style in three words?

Aguizi & Fahim: Deep, Nu Disco.

Karim: House, Tech, Progressive.

Who are your musical influences?

Fahim: Aly & Fila.

Aguizi: Deadmau5.

Karim: Erick Morillo and Hardwell.

If you could DJ with one animal, which would it be and why?

Aguzi: A lion, because he’s terrifying.

Fahim: Giraffe, so I can get on top of it.

Karim: A monkey because he’d go crazy on the decks.

Finish this sentence: I want to be a DJ because… a) Bitches, b) Fame, c) Orangutans or d) Generic answer like ‘I love music’.

Aguizi & Fahim: E) All of the above.

Karim: I love music, fame and bitches. No orangutans.

If you could only listen to one track for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Aguizi:  Desert Rose by Sting.

Karim: I just can’t choose one!

What’s your secret weapon for the battle?

Aguizi & Fahim: Let’s just say that the mixer won’t be in one piece when we’re done!

Karim: It’s a secret.

Who do you think is going to win the Student DJ Program overall?

Aguizi & Fahim: Us.

Karim: We’ll wait and see!

See Aguizi & Fahim and Karim Moursi go head to head at Fairmont Nile City from 10.30pm. Make your reservation here. Keep up to date with everything from the Student DJ Program on their Facebook page here and follow @StudentDJProg.