Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Al Ahram Beverages Teams Up with UBER and Give Free Rides in Sahel to Stop Drinking and Driving

All Sachi, Tabla, and Danos guests will get a safe, free ride home in Sahel.

Staff Writer

It is completely normal to go out with a few mates over the weekend and have a couple of brews while you are at it. What's not normal however, is to get behind the wheel when you are in an intoxicated state. Thousands of people every year are victims to the irrational decisions made by drunk drivers.

If you know you are going to be consuming alcohol, before going out, leave your keys at home. 

Luckily for all you Sahelite party-goers, Al Ahram beverages is launching a new "when you drink never drive" initiative. By partnering with Uber, they are ensuring that everyone gets home safely after a long night of fun. The collaboration is set to offer all Tabla, Sachi & Danos guests free and discounted rides with select promotional codes. Seems like a win/win situation as well as a fantastic idea from Al Ahram beverages to partner with the leading ridesharing giant in tackling a social issue that has become a dangerous epidemic. Just remember to be polite to your driver. Get home safe.