Friday June 14th, 2024
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Alaa Wardi's Must-Watch Video of The Evolution of Arabic Music

Wardi's six-minute video tracing the evolution of Arabic music is genius. Walahi me3lam.

Staff Writer

Alaa Wardi's Must-Watch Video of The Evolution of Arabic Music

If you're looking for the best thing on the Internet today, we promise – PROMISE – you we found it. In exactly 6:17 minutes, Alaa Wardi has compiled an amazing video showing the clear evolution of Arabic music from even before the 1900s to 2015. 

Wardi, a Saudi with Iranian roots, produced a remix of 42 of the most popular Arabic songs together with online streaming service Anghami. Wardi is the acapella singer of Hayajan, an Arabic alternative rock band that formed in 2011, alongside four Jordanian members.

In this brilliant video, he chose songs ranging from prominent singers such as Abdel Wahab, Fayrouz, and Said Darwish to contemporary artists like Elissa, Angham, Balqees, and Saad Lamjarred. The video itself is entertaining as Wardi hops around in costumes reflecting of the fashion of the era; the music selection is pure genius as it honestly compiles the most well-known and significant music not just from Egypt but from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Morocco among other Arab countries. 

And you know what? The music adaptation itself sounds so incredibly good and upbeat, we couldn't help but sing along to our favourite old tunes. 

The video is trending right now and inching to almost 2 millions YouTube views. Arabic music aficionado or not, this is a must watch.