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Alex Chacón Drops Second Epic 360 Selfie Video

The Selfie Sultan himself has released another video, this time taking in the wondrous sites of Ancient Egypt...

Selfie Sultan Alex Chacón is an internet sensation that made a name for himself after creating the Most Epic Selfie of 2014. Alex’s breathtaking selfie video took three years to make and was so popular that it generated over 12 million views. Continuing to document his adventures, he has just released a second video which includes highlights from his recent trip to Egypt.

In November of last year, we had the great fortune of catching up with this globetrotter, who was in Cairo to take part in the nine-day 3,000km Cross Egypt Challenge. Travelling on motorcycles, Alex Chacón and a group of thrill-seekers set off to visit many of Egypt’s iconic sites. Chacón arguably pioneered the 360° selfie and has travelled 200,000+ kilomteres, visiting over 41 countries, crossing over 75 borders on five different continents while raising awareness for charitable causes. This video is stunning and definitely worth the watch. Hopefully it will go as viral as his last video and encourages tourists to come back and visit Egypt’s ancient wonders.

To read our interview with Alex Chacón please click here.