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Alexandria Governorate Shuts Down Lion Village After Lion Fatally Attacks its Trainer

Last week a video went viral showing lion trainer Islam Shahin being fatally attacked by a lion during a live performance. Hoping to avoid a similar tragedy, the Alexandria Governorate announced the closure of Lion Village on Sunday.

Last week a viral video emerged showing a lion tamer in Alexandria’s Lion Village being attacked and killed by a lion during a live performance, which has led to Alexandria Governorate announcing on Sunday that Lion Village will be shut down, according to the Ahram Online.

Last Saturday, lion trainer Islam Shahin was attacked by a lion during a show for school students and died from the resulting injuries days later.

During an on-air interview, Shahin’s brother told the viewers of Moataz El Demerdash Al-Mehwar programme that the lion that mauled his brother had been brought in from South Africa and wasn’t well trained. He also claimed that his brother has been working as a trainer for 13 years and that this incident wasn’t the first time this lion has attacked a trainer.

At the same time, he blames Lion Village for not having any security precautions in place, suggesting that weapons or anaesthetics should have been on stage to provide some sort of defence.