Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Alexandria's Montazah Garden Gets a Glow Up with Fountains, Chalets, Floating Villas & More

Starting from September 30th, the Montazah Gardens near Alexandria’s 19th century Montazah Palace will be closed for renovations, where it is set to receive new cafes, chalets and a floating villa.

Staff Writer

Sitting right by the stunning 19th century Montazah Palace are the stunning Montazah gardens,  one of Alexandria's historical treasures. Owing to the wear and tear of the gardens over the centuries, they will be closed to the public for renovations  starting September 30th.

Some of the changes visitors can expect to see is a full-fledged floating villa, water games, and a plethora of additional fountains. What’s more, Egypt will also be building chalets on the premises, in addition to a variety of cafés, set to totally amp up the park experience.

We’re not sure exactly when the renovations will be complete, just that the project is set to conclude as soon as possible. So, fingers crossed.