Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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A simple phone call can often become a shocking reality when dealing with call centre staff in Egypt

Staff Writer

Mobinil Agent: Mobinil 8000 ****** speaking!

Me: Hello, can you tell me the movies showing at the Nile City cinema?

Mobinil Agent: Yes sure: The Dictator, Ted and Porn Legacy…

Me: Porn WHAT?!?! Isn’t Porn HARAM?!?!

Mobinil Agent: No, no not Born, Porn.

Me: You’re confusing me. I don’t want to go to the cinema anymore. Can you just send me DHL’s number?

Mobinil Agent: How do you spell DHL?


As an Ex-Mobinil 8000 agent I know well what kind of quality we used to serve.  We used to be strictly monitored and our performance was evaluated. We would never say ‘porn’ out loud! What used to be a convenient (and, actually, expensive at 1.50LE per minute) service, has fallen to pieces. If you’re not having to spend 20 minutes on the phone explaining what you want, you’re split between laughing your ass off/getting increasingly angry or making a second call to complain. Let us hear your funniest/most dramatic call centre stories and comment below!