Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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American Woman Airlifts 14 Dogs and a Cat out of Egypt to New York

The unidentified woman is said to have paid EGP 60,000 to rescue 14 dogs and a cat.

Staff Writer

In the continuing saga of stray animals being rescued by foreigners, following the Swiss donkey saviours earlier this month, an American woman has reportedly airlifted 14 dogs and a cat out of Egypt, according to the Associated Press.

She flew the animals to New York on our national airline, EgyptAir. Airport officials, who were not identified by AP, say she spent EGP 60,000 (roughly $3,400) for the rescue to move the stray animals. They also did not identify the woman, but said she is a welfare professional.

Stray dogs and cats fill Egypt’s streets, mostly surviving on garbage scraps and what little food sympathisers throw them. They’re also quite frequently subject to abuse, particularly dogs, who have reportedly been targets of a brutal poisoning campaign.

Photo by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions