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What’s the only thing cooler than the mouthwatering cocktails at Amici? Those mouthwatering cocktails ANYWHERE.

What’s the only thing cooler than those ridiculously talented (and good looking) bartenders behind the bar? Those bartenders behind YOUR bar. Amici is now offering you the chance to boss them around a little bit thanks to their new baby (who may or may not be an alcoholic): Amici On Wheels!

All you lucky partygoers, nightlife addicts and cocktail-sipping socialites can sleep soundly at night knowing that if you decide to host any kind of event, whether it’s a party, wedding, or even a quiet dinner, Amici is there for you. Because, come on now, who else can serve you a drink called ‘Fuck Me Up’ that will actually result in memory loss by the end of the night? Or shots that are actually delicious AND include more than 0.0001% alcohol? However, make sure that whatever tricky, extremely entertaining and confidence-shattering tricks the bartenders may have up their sleeves that you DON’T try it at home. No one can compare to the Amici team, after all.

Find out more about Amici On Wheels on their Facebook fan page here and follow them@AmiciOnWheels