Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Amici's Big Comeback

We were promised a massive relaunch and Amici didn't disappoint!

Staff Writer

It was a long time coming but last night saw the relaunch of Zamalek staple, Amici and the favourite among Cairo's chic set certainly delivered a night to remember as they laid on their extensive cocktail menu which kept the beautiful people smiling.

The relaxed, chilled midweek vibe was accentuated by Screwdriver who enhanced the mood with a mixture of Funk classics and modern Soul before effortlessly syncing into a party-style, Rock n' Roll set.

The venue itself felt as upmarket and chic as it's original incarnation, and then some, without the pretence felt at many of the city's other bars. As for the cocktails, divine as always, with a few new additions to the menu. We also got a chance to taste some of the gourmet dishes they're now serving on their totally revamped food menu.

The ambience was chilled yet cheeky and the crowd simply fabulous making Amici a welcome return to Cairo's nightlife scene.