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Amici Zamalek Grand Re-Opening

Amici Zamalek is back with a blast, hosting its grand-reopening this Wednesday!

Amici, oh how we missed you and your vibrant blend of tantelizing cocktails and wild party nights.

We're glad to announce that Amici Zamalek is to be set ablaze once again (figuritively this time) after a short hiatus, with a grand-reopening this Wednesday.
Egypt's favorite rock cover band, Screwdriver, will strum the nation's favourite cocktail bar back into existence; and yes, if you order a 'screwdriver' drink, the bartenders are contracted to laugh at your jovial play on words.

Parties and drinks aside, what we're really excited about is their new gourmet menu that guests will be able to indulge in. The most exciting element of this menu is the presence of... Mussles! Mussles in Cairo, with white wine! Yes! Oh yes! And fondue, which is always fondue eat. You can also get the chance to taste their new bar menu, which essentially translates into, a glorified and sophisticated way to get typsy!

Now here's the catch, it's invite-only. But we're not just here to tease you. We're giving away two invites to the opening. Make sure to like the Amici fanpage and comment on the article below with any sentence using the word 'Amici'. Our favorite one will win two invites. It's going to be on fire! great!