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Child Psychologist Amina Diab's Training Programme on Protecting Children from Sexual Assault

In light of the current conversation on sexual assault in Egypt, Amina Diab is hosting a training programme that teaches parents how to protect their children against sexual harm and harassment.

As a much needed conversation on sexual harassment and assault in Egypt is happening online, parents find themselves struggling to talk about it with their children. Some may even be tempted to shield them from the whole ordeal, choosing to hide them from it; it’s just too daunting, too big. How could one person possibly impart everything that needs to be understood about all the complexities behind how some men can get away with violating the simplest principles of respect and consent? Believing in the importance of confrontation, local child psychologist Amina Diab has launched an intensive training programme on protecting children from sexual assault.

“When we think of safety as parents, we only think of physical safety," Amina Diab told CairoScene. "We never consider their mental and emotional safety. It’s just as important. This class teaches you that there are a lot of non-touch ways harassment takes place, and who are the people most likely to harass children, and what the appropriate ways to talk to your children about this subject are.” The course will also teach parents how to empower their children to say no, and how to get them to be assertive.

The workshop discusses what vulnerabilities place children at a high risk for sexual assault, body safety rules you can teach them in an age-appropriate way, and how to empower your child to speak up and learn to stop assault before it takes place. The course will be held entirely online and takes four weeks to complete, starting on Tuesday, July 14th. To enrol yourself in the course, visit

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