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Amira Mohamed Ali Sworn In As The First Egyptian Woman in German Parliament

She was elected as co-chariman of The Left party on November 12th.

Amira Mohamed Ali

Last Tuesday, Amira Mohamed Ali achieved victory in an election within the German parliament (Bundestag) for a chairman position of The Left party (Die Linke), becoming the first German-Egyptian to gain such a position in parliament. Amira Mohamed Ali won the election over her colleague, Caren Lay, with 36 to 29 votes, and in doing so succeeded former chairman Sahra Wagenknecht.

Amira Mohamed Ali was born in Hamburg to an Egyptian father from Port Said and a German mother. She became a registered lawyer in 2008 and has worked as a contract manager between 2011 and 2017.

In a statement released shortly after Amira Mohamed Ali's victory, the Minister of Emigration Nabila Makram released a statement congratulating the new leader of The Left party on her success as a second-generation Egyptian migrant. Makram emphasized the importance of recognizing and celebrating Egyptian and Arab voices within the German parliament and noted the parliament's intellectual diversity and inclusivity. 

In addition to her political work within The Left party, Amira Mohamed Ali is a member of IG Metall, as well as a spokesperson for the German Animal Welfare Association as a proponent of animal rights.