Sunday October 1st, 2023
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An Absolut(e) Makeover for Sahel This Summer

The thirst is over, beachgoers. There is a delicious makeover waiting for us in Sahel and it's going to be Absolut(ely) amazing.

Staff Writer

Every Sahel season, we’re always looking for the familiar from last year. And lucky for us, some things never change. Sahel sand is always warm, the breeze is always cool, and the party is always on. And while those constants instantly put us at ease and make us feel right at home, if it weren't for new, exciting happenings on the North Coast every year, we probably wouldn’t go as much.

This year, Sahel’s blue waters have found their match in the blue of the Absolut logo. So when we say the thirst is over, we mean that for the first time in Sahel we’ll be sitting pretty, sipping on some of the world’s most famous refreshing cocktails. Right here at home on our side of the Mediterranean. As we all know, Egypt’s and Sweden’s number one drink isn’t only renowned for its smoothness and tantalising cocktails. For decades, authentic Absolut Vodka - founded in 1897 - has been synonymous with the most explosive and creative parties, always bringing us the best entertainment around.

So this summer, Absolut clearly picked the cream of the crop and collaborated with the best names in the North Coast for what is bound to be the season’s finest entertainment and live acts, both from Egypt and abroad. So be sure to look out for that royal blue wherever you go in Sahel. With candy-licious Absolut cocktails, Sahel’s best just got better. And we cannot wait.

For those of us still sitting in Cairo and not on the beach yet, we"ll be sure to have an Absolut soda and lime close our eyes and pretend we see the crystal blue waters of Sahel... Cheers.

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