Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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An Egyptian Professor Is Being Investigated after Video of Her Belly Dancing Makes the Rounds

Dr. Mona Prince is fighting back the decision to investigate her for dancing in her own home and defending her right to personal freedom and privacy.

Staff Writer

On Sunday, Suez University's English Literature Professor Mona Prince posted a video to her personal Facebook page in which she was seen belly dancing to Ruby's Leh Beydary Keda on the rooftop of her Fayoum home. The video received wide attention and instantly got a tremendous amount of backlash from students and professors of the university, prompting the administration to refer Dr. Prince to an internal investigation for her 'inappropriate behaviour'.

The professor rejected the invasive decision by the administration, assuring that she will fight back for her personal freedom and the right to a private life, which isn't subject to the public's expectations. "I'm normally a strong person, but I can't continue the battle of freedom and privacy on my own because, we live in a society that doesn't even respect such rights. I'm hopeful that we can, with time, change this reality by refusing to be quiet, and legally prosecute those attempting to silence us," says Dr. Prince in a Facebook statement in response to the decision to investigate her.