Sunday July 21st, 2024
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Angelina Jolie to Adopt Syrian Child?

A source close to Brangelina has said that the couple are looking to finalise the adoption of Syrian girl this year.

Staff Writer

Angelina Jolie to Adopt Syrian Child?

So when preternaturally good-looking couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, got together, we imagine they set some goals for their life together. They seem like driven, intelligent, and caring people. We imagine these were some of the goals agreed upon in their prenup. We must conceive at least two children together so our ridiculously good-looking DNA carries on in this world; mustn’t let that go to waste. By 2020, we must also adopt enough children that we can make our own model UN. Ideally, all countries must be represented.

So in keeping with their ten year plan (which we’re still convinced they’ve made) the Hollywood power couple are now reportedly well on their way to adding another kid to their ever-expanding brood, this time from war-stricken Syria. A source close to the couple apparently told The Express that “Angelina’s feeling good about turning 40 in June with a clean bill of health but what will make her happiness complete is seeing a new little face at the dinner table.” The starlet, who is a special envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, has made numerous trips to Syrian refugee camps in the last few years, and this new little face at their table, will according to the source, probably be a daughter from one of these camps. The philanthropic duo (Jolie is heavily involved in the UN) have already adopted several kids from poverty-stricken or war-torn countries and we hope that they actually go through with this latest rumoured adoption and give a Syrian child a new home and family away fom the tragedy that Syria has been through. The source added that Jolie “has been moved to tears on several occasions over the plight of youngsters orphaned in the Syrian conflict,” and mentioned that the couple wants the adoption to go ahead by mid-2015.

The genetically blessed couple are already parents to six kids; three are biological and the rest were adopted from Cambodia, Vietnam, and Ethiopia. But due to Jolie removing her ovaries last year as a precaution against ovarian cancer, the Oscar-winner can no longer bear children, so any more kids they want to add to their family will have to be via adoption. It’s lovely to imagine that a child in need might find a new home. It’s also lovely to think that the two parents can actually remember the names of so many children. We wonder if at one point there’ll just be too many to recall and they’ll start giving them different whistle sounds like Captain Von Trapp did. Either way, good on them for giving kids in bad situations a new life, family, and home, and we hope the adoption is successful.