Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Anuket: Minimalist Jewellery For Maximum Chicness

Anuket's new collection allows you to buy statement pieces for a good cause.

Staff Writer

With summer here, accessorising your beach outfit is a toughie– you want to look stylish, yet not too over the top. Walking down the beach or even chilling by the pool with your mates, you can easily up your swimsuit game by adding a little bling bling­; yeah, accessories complete your poolside outfit, too. But that means you're looking for modest designs that may look simple but speak volumes. We decided to throw away our bulky chains and charms – and by 'throw away' we mean nestle in our jewellery box for a while – and slide into a new sense of simplicity: Anûket.
Have you ever wanted a piece of jewellery that made your conscience feel as good as it made you look? With 10 per cent of every purchase going directly to benefit children at the Nasser Cancer Institute, Anûket is doing just that with their simple, clean-cut unisex jewellery. Now you can look good while by the beach and, when asked about your sleek piece of jewellery, you can have minor bragging rights about it's actually benefiting children. Pieces such as their raw quartz stone pendants run the gambit from bracelets and necklaces to their new collection of rings all with a distinct Egyptian style all their own. Looking good as a lady or a dude plus helping out kids in need? Sounds like a win-win situation to us. 

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