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Are You Ready to Zigzag Down Memory Lane with DJ FLASH B?

Aaliyah, TLC, LL Cool J, Ginuwine... If those names ring a bell, you're going to this Block Party. No further questions!

The millennials need to admit the reality of One Direction nearing its categorisation of being old school music, and we cannot let that happen – we've worked way too hard in the 2000s to allow that. We need a revival of those days ASAP... Did someone say DJ Flash B (Flashback) is coming to Cairo all the way from Jordan for a much-needed night of old school hits? Of Aaliayh rocking the boat, Left Eye refusing scrubs, Nate Dogg and Snoop layin' low, and 2PAC hittin' 'em up at Zigzag? YES. We're saying it. It's happening.

If you feel like that work life's making you lose your hood charm – when you've vowed, took an oath, and promised to get out of the hood but never let the hood get out of you – then you're due for a long night of non-stop old school hits. We better see you at Zigzag on Tuesday for The Block Party starting 9 PM featuring DJ Flash B and DJ Mobbz – straight outta Jorda, yo.

Find out more information on Zigzag's Facebook page.