Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Are You Super Enough?

Cook Door is giving away three epic home theatre kits to the most Super You you can be. Find out how to win here...

Staff Writer

Cook Door don’t only provide risqué-named sandwiches and the best fries in Egypt. No, they also want to give you the gift of surround sound experiences this month, as they have three epic LG home theatres to give away. And trust us – it’ll change your Breaking Bad-binge game forever. So what do you need to do to win? Choose your super power and show them how super at it you can be. Are you Super Emotional? Send them a video of you weeping as you watch The Notebook for the 432nd time. Are you Super Generous? How about a video of you making it rain on your friends? Are you Super Annoying? Show them your worst jokes. Here’s some inspiration:

Send your super-self videos on their Facebook inbox or Instagram direct message and they’ll repost them all, before they choose three final winners. And guess what? EVERYONE who enters gets a free meal from Cook Door!