Thursday July 25th, 2024
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VIDEO: Egyptian Actress Too Sexy For Dubai?

The Dubai Municipility is now offering abayas for women in public places deemed too scantily-clad for local culture, after a video showing actress Abeer Sabry being chastised by an Emirati woman went viral.

Staff Writer

VIDEO: Egyptian Actress Too Sexy For Dubai?

If you didn’t already know, Dubai apparently has a dress code limiting what you can wear in public. Naturally, this is geared more towards women than men because everyone who has a brain knows men don’t walk around in short-short all the time and have to worry about cleavage (at least most men).

Apparently after many citizens and even tourists have complained about “scantily-clad female customers” the Dubai Municipality is now offering abayas to women who don’t abide by the dress code, leaving them with an ultimatum: put it on or get out.

If you think we’re exaggerating, a video has gone viral depicting Egyptian actress Abeer Sabry being told off by what seems to be a local Emirati woman for not respecting the dress code.