Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Art at Alchemy: Hala El Sharouny

Fusing good food, even better drinks and fine art, this month's edition of Art at Alchemy sees the darker side of budding artist Hala El Sharouny's work...

Staff Writer

The cold weather has the uncanny ability to compel you towards food (lots and lots of food) and wine (you ideally want your veins to be flowing with vino), and cosy indoor places that will warm your cold and bitter winter soul. Alchemy is one such spot. The gastro-bar seems to have perfected the art of a wintertime hangout. Throw in some cool art, and you’ve got yourself a Brooklyn-style spot (that is, if Brooklyn was really upscale) to sip on wine, discuss the paintbrush strokes, try to pretend to decipher the meaning of various paintings, and indulge in a variety of delish dishes.

Anyway, this Saturday, the Mohandiseen spot will be hosting another one of their now-famous Art at Alchemy evenings, where they showcase pieces from a local artist, while plying you with wine and their gourmet dishes. Hel-lo mushroom risotto. This time around, they’ll be featuring the dark and whimsical pieces of Hala El Sharouny, the artists who made a splash on the Cairo art scene with her depiction of the city’s nightlife, inspired by CairoZoom. The artists herself will be present on the 10th so you can have a chat with her, discuss artsy things and whatnot, and her work will remain on display for a month.

“Alchemy found out about me from CairoZoom and the piece I had done about them and then they invited me to display some of my work at their place,” El Sharouny explains to us, “However, what they selected were pieces that are a bit darker – which actually kind of matches the theme of the venue itself.”

“Some of my work is a bit dark; I’ll make it when I’m upset – there’s a certain mood I get into and I’ll take it out on a painting,” she elaborates. “It’s kind of like therapy for me. And I found that Alchemy selected all these darker pieces, the one that have 3o2adi feehom! But these pieces get me out of a bad mood.”

Sounds good to us – no one feels like happy sunshine people in the winter. So if you’re looking for the ideal place to browse some intense art, sip on a glass or eight of wine, and enjoy some killer steak or gnocchi, Alchemy’s the place to be this Saturday. Plus it’s super warm and toasty in there.

You can check out Alchemy’s Facebook page here or find out more details about the event here.