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Asgard VII Has All Your Geek Needs

We've always wanted to sip our tea out of a Direwolf mug whilst wearing an official Green Lantern shirt.

Geeks in Cairo have long been without an outlet for all their nerdy fashion requirements, nor a source for the kind of collectibles that really make a house a home – the sort of accoutrements that any self-respecting fan of all things pop culture absolutely needs to properly express themselves and their passion. Asgard VII, besides sounding like a totally badass space station, is dedicated to servicing such needs with their Facebook store. 
Specialising in authentic licensed merchandise from all the biggest names in geek culture, like Game of Thrones, superheroes, both DC & Marvel, and other subjects of nerd worship, Asgard VII is supplying the people of Egypt with the geeky goods. Be it t-shirts, keychains, board games, even freaking action figures – if you want it, Asgard VII’s got it.
Check out the Facebook page with their full catalogue and when (not if) you find something you simply cannot live without, drop them a private message with your order and see it magically delivered to you via Targaryen Dragon or Millenium Falcon, your choice.


Visit Asgard VII's Facebook store and Instagram page.