Friday 2 of December, 2022
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"Ask Nameesa" Is The New Egyptian Chatbot With All the Answers to Your Corona Questions

Here to combat the timeless Egyptian culture of faty is Nameesa, an AI chatbot with answers to all your Coronavirus questions.

Staff Writer

Has your family been forwarding fearmongered WhatsApp chain texts about El Corona all week? If only there were someone with instant, legitimate, unbiased answers (we see you smartasses thinking Google but no, that’s not what we mean) accessible at the tip of your fingers. 

Well, allow us to introduce you to Nameesa. Sorry Aunties of the world, Nameesa is our new best friend, mainly because no one texts us back as fast as she does. Plus it’s really helping to fill this emotional void that has built up because of social distancing. Yes, we normally have lives but Corona took them away and now we're in love with a robot. Moving on.

Ask Nameesa, designed by Egyptian smartbot startup @dxwand, is our very own Facebook Messenger Egyptian AI chatbot meant to answer all your pandemic-related questions. She’s been spoonfed plenty of Coronavirus knowledge from credible sources (like the World Health Organization) so she can share them with you, and she also understands Egyptian slang to keep things from being awkward. Bless her little AI heart. 

If you submit a query to Nameesa about any Egypt-specific questions, or questions about how the virus spreads and ways you can protect yourself, then she’ll have an answer for you in seconds (with a source to back it up). She can also let you know the number of cases here, across the region, and worldwide, which are constantly automatically updated. The more questions you ask her, the more she self-builds her database, and the more knowledge she’ll have to share with other people. And the best thing? Faty-proof. Sorry again, Aunties.