Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Asli Goes East

Everyone's favourite clean street food joint opens its second branch in Heliopolis today!

Staff Writer

Every Egyptian has their favourite street food. The only problem is that every time you indulge in Egypt’s very own fast food, there is a high chance that hygiene was the least of the priorities of the restaurant preparing it and, consequentially, an even higher chance of getting sick. Yet, we can’t seem to stop ourselves. We’re a proud nation, and we especially take pride in our food but with the market being flooded with international cuisines, from sushi bars to steakhouses, keeping it real and food poisoning-free can be tough. Unless you live in Maadi, where high end street food has become standard, thanks to the deliciously addictive Asli and their goodies.   

For the past couple of years, Asli has built a reputation of having the cleanest and tasties Egyptian street food money can buy. Cairenes have been there flocking from all over greater Cairo just for a clean taste of their childhood from sogo2 and kebda to Macarona Bechamel that rivals Teta’s. For many, the trip to Maadi is totally worth it but for those who live in Heliopolis, the trip just got shorter.

As of today, Asli is launching a second branch in Heliopolis to the joy of many hungry East Cairenes. Located at 27 Aballah Deraz Street in Ard El Golf, expect all your Asli favourites with the cleanliness and perfect packaging you’ve come to expect from the cheeky homegrown brand. Heliopolis just got real. Real tasty, that is.  

For more information check out Asli’s Facebook page here and follow @AsliEgypt on Twitter.