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Rub Shoulders With The Stars Thanks to Attijariwafa Bank's Virtual Reality Red Carpet Experience

Now you can get close enough to celebrities that you can practically smell their perfume.

Attijariwafa Bank

Red carpets are truly an experience to remember for a lifetime; the strict exclusivity, flashing lights blinding your eyes (but we love the attention anyway), the beautiful people and dresses, and the overall glamour of the whole thing is an experience that’s second to none.  Who wouldn’t want to brush shoulders with the stars for one night, maybe even crack a conversation with Patrick Dempsey?

Unfortunately, most of us “normal people” don’t get to live that experience, as we’re not really cool enough to be there. Well, that’s not exactly why, it’s more due to the fact that it’s reserved for celebrities, and of course, the media covering the whole thing.  

You can watch it on TV, but then you’re only confined to one section of the red carpet at a time, and might have to listen to  a glory-hunting producer when all you really want to see is the legendary Adel Imam pull some side-splitting jokes.    

As part of their sponsorship to the festival, the amazing team at the Attijariwafa bank headquarters were not satisfied with this, so they all huddled up and decided there would be no rest until they came up with a solution – they were set out to revolutionise red-carpet viewing once and for all. The team was determined to let us non-celebrities have a much more interactive and up-close coverage of the glamorous red carpet events, whether on-site, or watching with your feet up at home.

And so they did.

Attijarawifa bank made it possible to have a 360 video coverage of the entire red carpet, available to all on their social media platforms, so you can be right in the midst of the action, all while munching on chips and guzzling down a tasty beverage at the comfort of your home. That’s not all – for those lucky enough to be present at the festival, the bank has set up a booth at the marina with virtual reality goggles, allowing you to truly feel like you're one of the stars, getting you so close to the action that you can even hear their conversations. It’s truly the second best thing to physically being on the red carpet.

Those goggles get you so close to the action, you can practically smell Mona Zaki’s perfume.

That’s only one of the ways that Attijariwafa bank has truly got itself immersed into the festival in the beautiful dreamland that is Gouna, and in so, has also got people more into the spirit of the alluring event.   

Aside from the virtual reality experience that will have you feeling like you’re in 2025, the good folk at Attijariwafa bank still found other ways to put a smile on our faces, with scratch and win tickets, and the chance to win great prizes such as Polaroid cameras, movie premier tickets, and even tickets to the closing ceremony, so get down there as you could be one of their lucky winners. Fingers crossed.  

Attijariwafa bank made sure that you can get some attention too, with an instant printing photo-booth where you can get an instant snap to remember the whole event by.

The Gouna Film Festival wouldn’t have been the same without the masterminds at Attijariwafa bank, who proudly took their sponsorship role to another level, and have overall been a breath of fresh air to what has been a highly successful festival so far.

Main image from Attijariwafa Bank

The content of this article is sponsored