Wednesday March 22nd, 2023
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Awesome UK Tourist Visiting Egypt Invites Her Uber Driver To Sightsee With Her

Not having anyone else to go with, a young woman from the UK, who was in Cairo on a business trip, took her Uber driver on a tour of the Pyramids.

Staff Writer
What do you do when you're visiting a new country and you want to visit all the typical tourist traps but no one wants to go with you? Well, one young UK woman who was in Cairo on business, took her Uber driver on a Pyramid sightseeing tour!
Natasha Philip, a 26-year-old who works for Uber back in London, told her story to Mirror Online, “My colleagues in the Cairo office have obviously all seen the Pyramids loads of times so told me to go on ahead.” She ordered an Uber and got to know her driver Ahmed and found out that he’s a swimming teacher but does Uber on the side. “I arranged to do a 1.5-hour tour on a camel to see the Pyramids, the Sphinx etc. I asked if he was going to come with me instead of waiting. The tour guide tried to get me to pay double, but I managed to haggle the price down."
Natasha, Ahmed, and their tour guide, Adil, went out on their camels for a photo shoot with the great pyramids, which strangely included a lot of jumping. “We had to take about 20 photos because he wasn’t jumping correctly. Even Adil was like 'you’re ruining it!’"
“We then continued on the tour, me trying to mess around and joke with the two of them but their broken English meant they didn’t really get much of what I was saying." Natasha, of course, gave him 5 stars.