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Azhar Scholar Tells Egyptians to Eat Tree Leaves to Cope with Economic Hardship

Saad Al Deen Al Hilali wants you to eat tree leaves because times are hard.

The economic reforms that the government has recently passed, lifting subsidies and free floating the Egyptian pound, have left many despondent and weary of the hardships ahead, especially working class families.

One man stands strong in the face of the economic tsunami that is about to hit Egypt; Al Azhar scholar Saad Al Deen Al Hilali, who called on Egyptians to cope with the new measures at any cost, even if it means eating tree leaves!

Hilali made the bizarre demand on his show Wa En Aftouk which airs on OnTV, adding that there is a global conspiracy against Egypt and that Egyptians must endure for the country to survive.  

Hilali argues that prophet Muhammad also had to eat tree leaves during a three-year economic siege in Mecca, instead of backing down on his personal beliefs. The question now is: would Hilali eat tree leaves?