Monday February 26th, 2024
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BBC Travel Says 2020 is the Year to Visit Cairo

BBC expressed that 2020 is the year to visit Cairo, and shared its reasons why.

Staff Writer

BBC Travel has cited 2020 as the year to visit Cairo, featuring the capital city at length with details to justify their choice. The news agency spoke on the significance of Cairo recovering following the decline in its tourism in recent years. They expect that Egypt's tourism revival will continue in 2020 thanks in large part to the upcoming opening of the much-anticipated Grand Egyptian Museum.

BBC also spoke to different visitors and former residents of Cairo to expand on the various reasons why people love the city so much, and their attachments to it. There's a unified consensus on the undeniably charged energy of the city, as well as the eclectic combination of different cultures and lifestyles within it: "You have the modern, upbeat, club side. You have the rural, green, lush, pastures side. You have the side where you feel like you are in the ancient times. And the fascinating thing is that Cairo has managed to sustain all these different entities. This is the magic and wonder of the city," American ex-pat Lauren K Clark shared with BBC.

They also commented on Cairo's diverse selection of cuisines available, especially the rite of passage of trying koshary while visiting or living in Cairo, and the plethora of local as well as international food that's becoming available throughout the city. The ease of access to every corner of the capital was cited among the reasons Cairo is the place to be. They also noted the laid back attitude required to handle living here. The article lightly spoke about the fact that fixating on schedules and punctuality while in Cairo, only leads to frustration.

BBC encapsulated the enigmatic nature of our beloved city; combining its craziness, its business and even its shortcomings which all contribute to why it's pretty damn hard not to love.

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