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UPDATED: Cairo Convention Center On Fire

According to eye witness reports, a massive fire has just broken out at Cairo Convention Center in Nasr City.

Cairo Convention Center is on fire with black clouds of smoke surrounding the premise. Ambulances and fire brigades have been rushing to the scene to put out a huge fire that can be seen all the way from Giza. Eye witnesses report that the fire broke out around 12 PM with clouds of smoke reaching across a radius of over a mile. Helicopters are surrounding the Al-Azhar University in what appears to be a major operation. No official source has confirmed the amount of destruction yet and there have been no official reports on what caused the flames, however, the Ministry of Health confirmed that 40 people have been injured with suffocation symptoms and bruises. Since at this point we are relying on eye witness reports and our sources catching some snaps before the no photography rule that has just been imposed was issued, we have accumulated Twitter posts and eye witness pictures. Be careful out there, Cairo!

The fire has now been contained, however, reports are circulating that it had reached the main conference hall before being put out. It reportedly broke out in one of the administrative offices of the CICC.






Pictures courtesy of Eslam Mohamed.