Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Back 2 Basics: BeachBang

End your summer on a high note and get back to your basic instinct to party hard when Back 2 Basics throws its extravagant season finale in Sahel.

Staff Writer

Every once in a while, it's nice to go back to your roots, really focus on the simple things and what is truly important to you. If those things are getting out of town, drinking and partying, you're in luck! Back 2 Basics is ending the summer season with a bang on the 29th of August in Bianchi for a beach party - sponsored by surfer favourite Quiksilver, nonetheless - that will surely get you reaquainted with your core values. And if there's anyone who shares those values with you, it's the Back 2 Basics crew and their brilliant musical line up.

Kicking things off are DJs Ahmed Shawky and John Damien (of Student DJ Program fame), who will be warming up with some sexy sets and paving the way for music maestro Carlos Gallardo. Expect Gallardo's signature mixes to give you a taste of the Spanish House scene for a day of endless dancing and decadent debauchery, all set to his Progressive pulses. Now you know where you'll be putting the final seal of fun and sin on your summer vacation!

For more information and reservation details check out the Back2Basics Facebook group here or call 0100 970 3 970.