Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Back 2 The Future Basics

In a sea of complications, Back2Basics made partying simple again. This April 4th, the crew that taught us that fun doesn't have to be difficult are celebrating their first anniversary with a party to end all parties...

Staff Writer

Once upon a time, parties were about one thing and one thing only, having fun. Then something strange happened; it's as if the market for 'fun' became saturated. Suddenly, these shindigs got complicated - bullshit under the guise of improving your fun.

Who's the organiser? Who's on the guest-list? How big is your table? What imported bottle of alcohol do you have and who's mooching off it? Track transitions are a thing you notice, you will only dance to Deep House, but not Tech House or Prog House or Boat House. Who's playing? Oh my God, those shoes dont match the dress, oh my God the shirt doesnt match the dress code... Where can you score? You need more girls, it's only couples. Don't cause any trouble, just sit there with your expensive Sprite and let all these complications spin your head around and around until the party is over and oh look... You forgot to have fun!

And then, everyone went Back 2 Basics...
Celebrate one year of Back 2 Basics bringing the FUN back to partying with their anniversary event at Fairmont Nile City on April 4th. It'll cover everything from early afternoon sunshine to late night glam at the hotel's stunning rooftop. Expect music that will make you dance, we mean, that's kind of the point of a party - but if you must know, it'll be none other than Pacha Ibiza's John Jacobsen on the decks. Not bad! He'll be joined by a host of spinners that have scored the B2B events up to today, including SHawky, Mohassab and Ouzo! They're setting it up almost like a concert or arena and they'll have some of the greatest imagery of B2B partygoers scattered around because at the end of the day, it's all about your fun.
For reservations contact: 01009703970
Photos courtesy of Cairo Zoom.