Monday December 11th, 2023
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Back2Basics Celebrates Its Third Year With Three Big Parties

One of Cairo's best on-going events, Back2Basics, is celebrating its third year in business with a Trilogy event, the first of which is set to take place this month.

Staff Writer

Back2Basics has been one of Cairo's hottest parties for the past three years, and since its inception has been catering to the funner side of clubbing and partying, where the music is not too underground and the attendees are not suffering from involuntary convulsions due to a bad batch of ecstasy pills they came across before coming to the party. In fact, Back2Basics is not a drug party at all; it's more of a fun shindig where you can have a few drinks, listen to good music, and meet people you haven't seen for years and actually be sober enough to remember who they are, as well as new people you never met before that stand a chance at being remembered the next morning.

What most people can agree on is that, at B2B, you can dress to impress or dress down freely. What we know for ourselves is that Back2Basics, at the time of its inception and throughout its life, has been a breath of fresh air - literally and figuratively - amidst Cairo's dark and sweaty dance floors. Finally, a party that you don't have to be shitfaced to enjoy! It started as an open-air party and, sometimes, like the first event in the Trilogy series, it's during daytime, at a really nice venue with music that appeals to every taste. What could go wrong? The party brand was a success from the very first event, in a scene that was, at the time, saturated by underground parties where the DJ is king, and everyone else is there to entertain him, Back2Basics decided to take Cairenes back to the old days of Cairo parties, where every single attendee was king, and every other factor of the party existed to entertain them.Three fantastic years of awesome people, great music, and unforgettable memories have passed; to celebrate, a slew of international and local bookings have been made at the Fairmont Sky Pool and the Uptown Cairo Club House over not one, nor two, but three equally big events to celebrate their three years in business. The first is on the 18th of this month at the Fairmont Sky Pool, during the daytime, featuring international House super star Noir, and local heroes M Fayek and A-Squared. The second is on the 8th of April at the Uptown Cairo Club House, also daytime, featuring, Finnebasen, Patrick Podage, and homegrown talent Misty. Last, but definitely not least, the third will be on the 12th of May, a nighttime gig, with DJs Rayco Santos, A-Squared, and Jimmy.

We contacted Ismail Kassem, Founder and Director of Back2Basics, who told us, "We are going big for our third anniversary - three big parties with awesome bookings, local and international, at two amazing venues. The first party at the Fairmont will have special room rates for B2B attendees, so they can spend the night and not worry about driving home." When we asked him what people should expect, he said, "We are changing things up a bit; people would usually expect a Noir gig to be at night, but we are starting this one at 3 PM and it will be going on till midnight. The music will be fresh and, as nighttime approaches, it will be getting more intense. Each party will be a completely different experience that people will enjoy." 

More information to be announced soon; in the meantime, you can check out Back2Basics' Facebook page here