Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Back2Basics Gets Sprung For Spring

As flowers begin to bloom, so is party season and Back2Basics have announced one hell of a hello to sunshine this May 1st at Uptown Cairo...

Staff Writer

Spring has sprung and the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing and all that good stuff. But whatever, this is unimportant – no one cares about birds and there are no flowers in Cairo, let’s not kid ourselves. What is more pertinent about this advent of warmth is that as we go back to the weather we know and love (i.e. sweltering Egyptian sunshine – winter just confuses us), the party scene is also going back to a classic city favourite; our Back2Basics shindigs. The party pro that is Ismail Kassem has declared winter over and it's about time Cairenes got their party on.

The party series that has managed to out live many a party series in the city is coming out of its winter slumber May 1st to celebrate spring! This time around B2B is all about sunshine and butterflies and spring flings and such things. The rhyme was unintentional but we’re proud of it anyway. For their season opener B2B are setting up shop at the Uptown Cairo Clubhouse; you can expect a sun-soaked, beat-filled day. Maybe a butterfly will even land on your shoulder.

It’s a simple formula; head up the hill and good times await you. Party starts at 2 PM so you can soak up some sunny vibes, and the decks will be taken over by A2, Deepjack and Mr. Nu, and local turntable shilla Gawdat. So prepare to get in the swing of spring this May. Flower crowns optional.