Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Doing exactly what it says on the tin, Back2Basics are bringing us their second refreshingly relaxed party.

Staff Writer


Post-revolutionary Egypt is apparently a combination of depression and partying. One would think these would be mutually exclusive but apparently Egypt is the exception to most rules. However, the days of wanton excess and the extravagance of laying down 3K to go to a party just to be seen is gone. Suddenly, everyone is aware of what’s hot and what’s not in music and has a new outlook on what qualifies as a good event. Underground is the new expensive and we’ve had a wave of these kinds of events sweep over our party scene. One set of organisers in particular have caught our eyes.

Unlike the Freedom and Justice Party, Back2Basics have lived up to their name. Their first venture at the club formerly known as Opium was a massive success, delivering a refreshing and relaxed party aboard the floating barge. This time they’re taking things up a notch by bringing the best of Ibiza to Cairo.  

On the 19th of April, the Island of Ibiza is going to be transported to Tamarai. On that island will be the best DJs from the best Pachas: John Jacobsen from Pacha Ibiza and DJ Ouza from Pacha Sharm El Sheikh. To really cement the spirit of Ibiza, this party will be held in the glorious sunshine which means you’ll get to be drunk from 3PM. 


On a serious note, however, we are quite impressed that the Back2Basics crew are doing something different and with Tamarai's terrace as the venue, it will help us forget that we live in a hell hole of a country that is slow suffocating us to the point of suicide and self-flagellation.

So, yay Back2Basics! Preventing suicide since 2013.

The event has pretty much sold out so if you have not already got your reservations in, make sure you do it now to avoid death.