Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Badr University in Cairo to Open First Fish Care Lab in Middle East

Badr University in Cairo's new partnership with the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna is hoped to benefit Egypt's aquacultural industry by training medical professionals to maintain fish farms.

Cairo Scene

Badr University in Cairo will be home to the Middle East’s first laboratory for fish care and diseases as part of a cooperation with the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna. Students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine will have access to practical, hands-on experience in the field; a particularly important asset given that Egypt has the largest fish farms in the Middle East.

This new partnership will help upgrade fisheries across Egypt and the Middle East, and allow researchers specialized in the field to explore and tackle issues affecting the region’s fishing farms through high international academic standards. Along with the new laboratory, the cooperation will give students the opportunity to obtain a dual degree from both universities.

An exchange programme will be set up to encourage the flow of ideas and joint scientific research between Austria and Egypt.