Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Baheya & Novartis's ‘Waraha Kessa’ Spotlights Breast Cancer Heroes

Baheya Foundation & Novartis Egypt partnered spotlight heroic stories and counteract fearful narratives about breast cancer.

Cairo Scene

Baheya Foundation and Novartis Egypt have partnered up to spotlight heroic stories and counteract the fearful narratives that conventionally follow breast cancer through their joint campaign, ‘Waraha Kessa’.

Symbolising the metamorphosis of  fear into hope, the campaign uses the butterfly symbol as an emblem for the movement. Patients and caregivers have used the motion of a butterfly’s wings as a prelude to a series of heartfelt videos on the stories of survivors Nour Ali Shoukry, Nour Azazy, Ghada Salah El Din, Maha Nour, Shimaa El Basha, and Dina El Bahnassy.

In support of the campaign, celebrities, fashion designers, athletes, and lifestyle influencers have taken to their platforms to post the butterfly motion and publicly take part in the campaign. By changing their profile pictures and flooding the 'Warah Kessa' hashtag with unwavering endorsement, figures from around the country brought the movement to life and helped reinforce a message of hope wide and far. 

To further animate the campaign and  serve as a constant reminder that ‘you are not alone’, Alwan Wa Awtar - an art and community-based NGO facilitating non-formal education in marginalised areas - painted a butterfly mural at Baheya’s new premises with the help of patients, loved ones, healthcare professionals as well as Baheya and Novartis members.

To partake in this incredible initiative and virtually support the cause, you can change your profile picture or post your own butterfly story with the hashtag 'Warah Kessa'.