Tuesday November 28th, 2023
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EGP One Million Up for Grabs as Bank ABC Works to Make You Richer

Imagine waking up and finding an extra one million pounds in your bank account... Bank ABC’s latest offerings could make that fantasy a reality.

Staff Writer

We’ve all had that fantasy. You know, the one where your bank balance shows a few extra digits. Or maybe you dream of a game show host handing you a giant check as confetti falls from the ceiling. Perhaps you even imagine striking gold in your own back yard. You think of how your life would change – that dream home, that new car, showering your loved ones with the things they’ve always wanted – if only you could come into a big sum of money. Well, here’s a shortcut: Bank ABC’s Millionaire Time Deposit.

Like most time deposits, The Millionaire Time Deposit is pretty straight forward – put your savings away (a minimum of just EGP 1,000) and the bank will shower you with interest earnings monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and upon the one-year maturity of the time deposit. Now here’s the exciting part: for every EGP 15,000 you deposit, you get to enter the grand prize draw for a chance to win a whopping ONE MILLION EGYPTIAN POUNDS. There are also quarterly chances for five people to each win a sexy gold coin from the generous folks at Bank ABC. Needless to say, the draw takes place under the supervision of Egypt's Ministry of Social Solidarity and all concerned authorities.

The bank is determine to make it rain on your account with handfuls of products and services that let you sit back and watch your balance grow. One of our favourites is the Up-Front Time Deposit, which does exactly what it says on the tin: you put your money in the time deposit, and get your earnings immediately, instead of upon maturity – perfect if you need a quick cash injection while putting money away for a rainy day. Speaking of rainy days, this time deposit also comes with a free roadside assistance service for your car, meaning they’ll send you a tow truck or a mechanic in case of breaking down, as well as a bunch more vehicular perks.

Bank ABC’s Shield Savings Account is all about reaping the rewards too  - you can choose to earn your interest daily, monthly or quarterly so you can literally sit back and watch your balance grow EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. We can see the dollar signs in your eyes already.

Bank ABC has also added a Tiered Current Account with progressive revenue within this new line of financial products and services, which comes with various return and cashing plans that suit the needs of Bank ABC’s individual and corporate clients.

Find out more about how Bank ABC wants to make you richer, here.