Friday December 1st, 2023
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As Barbacoa prepare a very special Valentine's Day menu, two couples will have the chance to dine for free if they're brave enough to express their love on Instagram. Find out how to win here...

Staff Writer

If you have yet to go south of the border and head over to Barbacoa for a tasty Mexican meal, fret not, you’ve got a shot at winning a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner for FREE. Arriba arriba! We don’t even know what that means, we just feel an unusual need to say it whenever we reference Mexican food.

Anyway, if you want to give your Valentine an epic dinner this 14th of Feb (and probably a nice bout of farting on the 15th) all you gotta do is get Instagramming. The Mexican Maadi spot is giving away two romantic dinners for two lucky couples. And not just any dinner. Like, we’re not talking a taco and some salsa; they’ve specially created a culinary feast; a four-course sit-down dinner menu – plus a complimentary drink. Let us paint a picture. There will be Avocado & Salmon Tartare, there will be Strawberry Gazpacho, there will be Grilled Salmon with Chilli Glaze served with creamed spinach, there will be a rack of lamb with honey glaze… You get the idea. And the idea is effing delicious, we are currently trying not to drool on the screen.

How does one win themselves a shit at gorging on the delicious aforementioned feast, you ask? Post an Instagram video of yourself saying ‘Te amo’ (I love you in Spanish) tag @BarbacoaCairo and the person you love, and hashtag #BarbacoaWithLove. There IS no better way to express your love, pure and true, than with honey-glazed lamb. And this generation’s expression of love is via Instagram. Barbacoa’s top two favourite videos will win the dinner! The competition launches next Sunday, and you’ve got until Wednesday to submit your video.

You can check out their Facebook page here