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Beach Burgers

Everyone's favourite diner is heading up to the North Coast. Opening today in Hacienda White, there'll be a whole lot of deliciousness going on courtesy of Grizzly.

The North Coast, and Hacienda White in particular, is undeniably a wonderful getaway with it's perfect weather, lush white sands and a spattering of Cairo's beautiful people but one thing that always irked us was the lack of some hearty munches.

Thankfully this summer, starting TODAY, everyone's favourite Cairene American diner, Grizzly, will be heading north to sooth our rumbling and tanned stomachs. Located at the Block along with the recently launched Lujo's (Lou's Food Corner's gourmet pizza place) and Zamalek's Boulevard venture, Grizzly in Hacienda will have an outdoor seating area as well as a booth by the beach serving up burgers, hot dogs with your own choice of toppings, ice cream, milkshakes, pizza and all that good stuff. If you’re more concerned with keeping your beach body than indulging in American classics, fret not for they will also be serving up veggie cups, fruit salads and other fancy things.

As an added bonus for families, there's Kids on the Block, a learning activities centre for kids in the same place to help your children to grow and develop social skills and learn to think outside the box. There’s a whole host of workshops and constructive, creative courses, after which you can treat the little ones to a snack from Grizzly.

During Ramadan, the diner will only be open for sohour so if you need us, you’ll find us on the beach with an ice cream hot dog.

Find out more about Grizzly’s deliciousness on their Facebook page here and follow @GrizzlyDiner on Twitter.