Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Beauty Boost

You know those days when you have on your best outfit, get your hair professionally done, spend hours doing your make up and you still look like crap? Mohamed Al Sagheer has a little (big) something up his sleeves for those who need a little extra.

Staff Writer

In-Shape Clinic, inside Mohamed Al Sagheer’s sprawling Zamalek salon and spa, offers non-surgical cosmetic treatments for pretty much everything that’s undermining your efforts in being beautiful. We’re particularly inclined to try out their i-Lipo device – a laser that miraculously zaps and breaks down the fat that just won’t budge.

Here’s a list of their services:

- Wrinkles treatment (Botox, Fillers, Fractional laser).
- Facial rejuvenation.
- Treatment of acne and acne scars.
- Hyperpigmentation treatment.
- Cellulite treatment (LPG).
- Body sculpturing (i-Lipo).
- Injection lipolysis.
- Hair removal.
- Hair loss treatment.

See? A beauty boost for everyone! And that’s not to mention Mohamed Al Sagheer’s regular hair, beauty and spa services, putting the luxury group on top of everything you could adjust about your appearance!

In-Shape Clinic, 16 Salah Al Din St., off Shagaret Eldor St., Al Sagheer Building. T: 01009336555
Check out their Facebook group here and follow @AlSagheerSalons for more updates.