Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Beauty and the Beach

Teaming up with the ever-glamorous Kriss Salons, Lemon Tree & Co in Sahel are throwing one fabulous, fashion-fueled event this weekend.

Staff Writer

Once upon a time, Sahel was a barren beach land. Today, it’s full of our favourite hot spots and we can’t go a weekend without some fabulous must-attend event. And with that, of course, comes fashion and every party is a chance to explore a new style that just won’t work in Cairo – everyone looks sexier after tanning, after all. Knowing that the world is our runway and that Sahel nights are no exception, The Lemon Tree and Co are teaming up with Kriss Salons for a fashion and art-fuelled night that’s unlike any other event we’ve come across. 

Inviting Egypt’s army of fashionistas and InstaStylists for this special night entitled Beauty and the Beach at their swanky seasonal venue, Kriss and his team will be dolling up the Lemon Tree & Co’s terrific troupe of dancers and hostesses with the latest in haute hair trends, twisting and tousling their tresses into deft-defying crazy cool creations. And the creativity doesn’t stop there – some of the lovely ladies will be the canvases for a local artist who will team up with the hair and beauty crew to turn them into living, breathing works of art, blurring the lines between fashion, make up, hair and design for a unique aesthetic. With loads of giveaways from the suave salon, and the Lemon Tree’s signature cocktails flowing steadily, this is a perfect girls’ night out. The only thing that’ll rival the gorgeous hair on display are the beautiful memories that are going to be made as summer comes to a close.

Find out more about The Lemon Tree & Co and how to reserve here. Check out the latest in hair fashion by Kriss here.