Wednesday March 29th, 2023
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Beheira Men Beat, Drag and Kill Dog

The latest animal abuse atrocity to hit Egypt's headlines was so graphic the video was removed.

Staff Writer

In a story that has become way too frequent another gang of so-called men, have taken upon themselves to take to the streets and torture yet another animal. These macho beings of Beheira in Egypt have demonstrated that not only are they alpha male specimens, who can beat a dog to death, they are also able of medieval style torture and diagnosing ailments.

A video, that is now removed from YouTube, depicts the men dragging the animal in a celebratory show off that is really indicative of their mental well being. The reasoning behind it is that the dog may have had rabies, and had bitten children.

It is to be noted that this happened in conjunction with the world celebrating National Dog Day.

A professional should diagnose dogs with rabies; a dog with rabies only attacks if provoked. Furthermore, if you suspect an animal is in danger or is dangerous to others, please contact any of the charities on social media who are always ready and able to help.