Tuesday October 3rd, 2023
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Belly Dancer Sama El Masri to Host Religious Show During Ramadan

She has already signed the contract for it, which has sparked fierce reaction from Al-Azhar scholars who are planning to take action.

Staff Writer

Controversial Egyptian belly dancer, Sama El Masry, announced that she's signed a contract with a TV channel to host a religious show during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan, Al Arabiya reports.

The show will be centred on Islam's take on the topic of disobeying parents, and is planned to host a number of Muslim figures who will present and discuss the issue thoroughly. El Masri was asked to wear a hijab while hosting the show, which she refused, announcing instead that she's thinking about "covering her head with a scarf" during the show.

The announcement sparked backlash from Al-Azhar scholars, who stressed to Al-Arabiya that their institution will not remain quiet on the matter if it's proven to be true, adding that they are waiting for the show's official announcement in order to take the proper counter-action.