Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Berlin Cafe Culture in Cairo

Kafein brings a new concept to Downtown Cairo, fusing a caffeine hit with art and culture...

Staff Writer

While wandering around Downtown Cairo it can be easy to want to smash your head into a brick wall amid all the noise, pollution, and general chaos. However, an alternative option is at hand thanks to Kafein, a new concept designed to fuse a caffeine hit with art and culture.

Kafein, a Berlin-style hipster hangout situated along Sharif Street is set to blend great tasting coffee with a vibrant cultural experience. The cafe's launch night, held on March 8, was curated by local art collective Art on the Go, and many more underground artists are set to be showcased in the coming weeks.

Of course, no good coffee house is complete without an awesome cup of something hot. Kafein will feature one of the capital's widest selections of tea, coffee and delicious pastries which will leave your taste buds begging for more. The artsy coffee shop provides a taste of Berlin-style cultural cool in the heart of Downtown Cairo - das ist sehr gut.

Kafein is situated at 28 Sharif Street, Abdeen.

Check them out on Facebook here.