Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Best Celebrity Sex Tape Ever!

Alyssa Milano has released her own sex tape, and it is definitely worth a watch...

Staff Writer

The hottest sex tape possibly ever has been leaked by the very star who shot it. Alyssa Milano, a famous actress, has personally released her own sex tape. Clearly this isn't shocking considering that many starlets love the attention and, for some sick reason, a sex tape always ends up helping an actress' career. Again it's a messed up world, but what makes this video the best is that it isn't actually sex tape, it is more like educational video.

Obviously it doesn't educate people on how to have sex, or how to make a porno, but is in fact an quick educational video on the Syria crisis. The video begins with her and her lover going up to their bedroom filled with rose petals and candles just about everywhere. Just as they begin getting hot and heavy, Milano 'inadvertently' knocks the camera, which swings towards the television. On the televisions is a news reporter giving a brief overview of Assad and the Syrian conflict. Beside the television is a mirror which only show the couple under covera.

It is honestly the best sex tape we've ever seen. Why? Because it isn't one and ends up exposing the absurdity of the masses who thirst for vulgarity, while attempting to educate them. To promote the video Milano tweeted that her sex tape was leaked, and that she would release it herself instead of having someone else do it. The video has gone viral, and hopefully brought awareness to an issue that may have eluded the horny masses. You can check it out here.

On a side note, Madonna, who has made actual sex videos, is actually keeping her pants on this time around and is adamantly intervention in Syria, posting this hand-written note to her Instagram recently: