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Best Photos from #June30

We've rounded up some of the best photos circulating online from the massive demonstrations yesterday...

After an unprecedented number of Egyptians took to the streets yesterday to voice their dissent over president Morsi's rule, we thought we'd round up some of the best pictures that portray the pure force of the people's will. 

Google Earth showing size of protests:

Protests in Mansoura (via @alieehab_):

Tahrir from bird’s eye view (via @__core):

Itihadeya march: (via @THE_47th):

Festivities from Tahrir (via @freeeiran):

Alexandria protests (via @kalnaga):

Itahadeya from above (via @Aaron_T_Rose):

Protest sign at Itahadeya (via @hackneylad):

Bad ass niqabi (via Egypt Monocle): 

Tahrir demonstrations (via @sorayabahgat):


Protest sign (via @nibalshalabi):