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This Blind Egyptian Karate Instructor Is Inspiration Goals

Sabry Attiya was inspired to pursue the sport after getting in a street fight, and hasn't looked back since.

"You're blind and you still fight?" is the condescending question that pushed Sabry Attiya, a 37-year-old blind Egyptian man, to start taking karate lessons back in 2007, according to MBC. Now, he is a visually impaired karate instructor in Egypt, passing on the skills of his sport, and defying expectations. 
After setting his mind to it in 2007, Attiya spent 3 years following a strict dietary and exercise program that enabled him to quickly climb up the ranks and acquire a black belt in the vigorous martial arts sport. The athlete won many local titles before representing Egypt in the World Karate Championship in 2014, after which he embarked on his journey to become one of Egypt's first ever blind karate instructor, Reuters reports. “As someone who challenges his disability, I would like to say that I am not disabled,” Attiya told Reuters, adding that his goal is to represent Egypt in more international tournaments.

Photos courtesy of MBC