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Blurr Entertainment: Bienvenido, Toni Varga!

Party pros Coco Mokhtar and Abou Samra are at it again, this time bringing Barcelona's legendary Tono Varga to blow the roof off the Omar Khayyam Boat this Thursday 26th March.

Coco Mokhtar and Abou Samra are at it again on Thursday, March 26th as the talented faces behind the Blurr Entertainment series have secured the best atmosphere, the best performers, and the best recipe for yet another EPIC party! Following the legendary Fact launch last month, Omar Khayyam boat will once again be taken over by international superstars and local prodigies to deliver a party like usually only the scenes of Barcelona, Ibiza and Miami can.

Headlining this gigantic bash is no other than Toni Varga whose name should ring a bell with all Electronic music enthusiasts. Usually home in Barcelona’s famous Elrow club, Abou Samra found himself backstage at his performance a few months back. Toni Varga’s beats and talent had Abou Samra, an internationally-acclaimed DJ in his own right, so amazed he called Mokthar in Cairo to tell him that his new collection was the best thing he had heard in a long time. Having been a pioneer for Egytian House music, we can only imagine what made Abou Samra say that.

It's time for everyone to get that feeling now. On Thursday. On the Omar Khayyam Boat. The party sets off at 10pm when Toni Varga is getting support from Abou Samra himself, as well as Cairo’s own Electro gods Hafez and Aly Goede. Quite evidently, with a line-up like this, nothing can stop this boat from rocking the Nile until the early hours. Abou Samra and Hafez, Blurr's very own resident DJs, in a back to back set will definitely put you in a strict dancing mode.

To make this event a fiesta for everyone to enjoy, reservations will be limited to make sure that boat doesn’t sink with all of Cairo trying to get on it. To book, please call Blurr Entertainment on 0100 896 1703