Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Bob Finds a Home

After months of roaming Egypt, Bob's Hot Dogs has finally set up shop in Maadi.

Staff Writer

You've seen it before, roaming in Gouna and various bazaars and festivals in Cairo. You've probably stopped, intrigued by the irresistable aroma of grilled meat, onions and chilis. You've approached the unmistakable cart, asked for a crazy concotion of toppings, and stood eagerly waiting for the Bob's crew to whip it up. You've taken a bite of the one-of-a-kind authentic hot dog you've just seen made in front of your very eyes. You're in love. But, alas, like most epic romances, you have to part ways, and you can't take Bob's Hot Dogs' cart home with you. You cry: "WHY ISN'T THERE A BOB'S HOT DOGS PERMANENTLY IN CAIRO?!?!?!"

Well good news, boys and girls! Bob's has finally set up shop in Cairo. Road 9 in Maadi, to be precise. Go find it and rekindle your romance. 

For more information on Bob's Hot Dogs, check out their Facebook page here and follow @BobHotDogsEGY on Twitter.